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Thakkara An Indian Restaurant in Kuwait, Serves the Best Indian Food In Kuwait 

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Serving the Best Indian Food In Kuwait 

“Thakkara” – closely resembles “Thakkaram”; a colloquial used by northern Malabar Muslims for the feast (salkaram) given to the Puthiya Maappila or Puthiyaappilla the groom. It is needless to add that Malabar Muslims are renowned for their elaborate eating habits and hence their scrumptious wedding feast & festivities.
The coast of Malabar has been influenced by Arab traders, French rulers, native Zamorins and Namboodiris during its heydays. The region therefore has been blessed with a good blend of Muslims, Christians and Hindus absorbing the rich taste from all and catering to the palates of a diversified community.
Each coastal town in these parts of Kerala has their own unique way of preparing food and naming them. They’re unique by their complicated methods of preparation and ingredients used that bring about the signature Malabari taste. Recipes handed down from grandmothers of different generations are religiously followed even to this day.
Popular among people across the globe and at the top of the list is the Malabar Biriyani. Malabar Biryani, has specialty with its two variants, the Kozhikode Biryani and the Thalassery Biryani, which can rival the best in the country, be it the Hyderabadi or the Awadhi (Lucknowi) versions. “The primary difference is the type of rice. While in almost all the other regions, the long-grained rice, mostly basmati, is used; here we make the Biryani with “Kaima” “Jeerakashala” — the short grained rice.
We Malabaris are well-known for making any dish elaborately attractive and inviting. Therefore, if any dish can be “stuffed-and-prepared” you’ll definitely find a delicacy in that line. Items that usually undergo this treatment are mostly chicken, goat, fish, mussels etc. Stuffed chicken (Kozhi Nirachath) and stuffed fish (Meen Nirachath) are some of the delicacies you’ll find at Thakkara.
Thakkara is a dream venture, with a unique concept, by a group of enthusiastic young entrepreneurs, who thought of bringing exotic Malabar delicacies from the place of its origin, to break the monotony of food available in Kuwait. Yes, it is first of its kind in this land. We have taken care to the best to keep the originality of the cuisines by following the household practice of cooking and importing most of the ingredients from Kerala.
Chefs are flown down from Kerala who are well-versed in preparing the Malabari food for decades. So, your journey searching for authentic Malabar food ends here.. Thakkara offers you oasis of culinary delights that can transport you to the shores of northern Kerala.
With that note we invite you into our little world of taste.. Truly rich and flamboyant!!

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